Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pizza And Chinese

Pizza and chinese food will take over the hole world! Mwahahahahaha Together they will eat all the retards and fuckers that shouldnt be in this world. RAWWWW! Pizza and chinese food will grow bigger and stronger. They will be my partner in crime! Me, Freexay, Pizza, and Chinese food will conquer all!!!!!!!!! Beware... When the moon is high and the fog is low, we will be lurking in the shadows for our next victum. You wont see us coming.

~Gir Babez
P.S. your body will be stored as decoration in The Mad House. :)


We all love weed. So I got bored and desperate and made a video! YAY! check this shit out bitchess!!



Ever have those times when you need a friend? I made one... hehehe I love it so much xD

Since its like a ga-fucking-jillion degrees I went and found a  fan. Its a good fan. Its a friend. Family member. He has a face and blows on me when I'm hot. Everyone needs a fan in their life. Its a wonderful fan. GO BUY A FUCKING FAN!

The Madhouse

YAY!!! BABEZ AND I GOT A HOUSE!!! Well... sorta... untill they take it away anyway :-o  !!!

Our house is amazing! I must tell you the story! 


It was a dark and chilly night. The perfect night to spill blood. Babez and I were walking along, swingin our hatchets at anything that moves, when a dude pulls next to us. We looked at each other then at him and smiled. Blood slowly dripped from our teeth... Dude got sum shit up his ass o sumtin an decided to point gun at us. Babez picks up her hatchet an slams it into his pretty lil hood an he shoots her. Well no one fukn shoots mah sis so I get all up on his ass an cuff him up, choppn his toes off one by one. Babez gets up an grabs gun, shootn his nuts off an takes pix o him. Well tha bad guys decide to drop in just then. Babez grabs the gun starts shootn they knees out an I go round back start choppn they heads open. Sirens start comin cus one o them mofuks calld tha police. We load up them bodies an shove em in the closest house we find. Turns out people in tha shit so we gotsta take care of them too... I left one hangn from tha ceilin... decoration an all. We take tha resta tha bodies an use em up to stuff our beds.. damn springs givin out an all. We de-boned them of course. Dont wana sleep on boney corps shit. Well we set up a wicked ass gun system outside. No one aint gettn close to our shit. Turn out house looks pretty gud so we keep it. Clean it up a lil... giv the corps on the ceiling a sponge bath an everything lukn gud. Babez an I decided to mark it as ours. Carved som shit in tha walls an took pix. 
So, if its a dark chill night, you betta b watchin yo backs cus Babez an I are out there an we choppn sum luv. 
whoop whoop

BTW this wat happend to the guy that fukd with Babez an Me

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Theres A Zebra In Your Closet

Theres a zebra in your closet.... So fat and drunk. Theres a zeba in your closet... Leaning on the wall, burping a conversation with himself. Theres a Zebra in your closet... Eating your socks and underwear. Theres a zebra in your closet... Hes my friend and I put him there........

~Gir Babez
Tehehe. Some advise: The zebra, well he eats retards too.. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All The Voices

Have you ever been siting in the dark alone rocking back and forth, trying to remember your name? And in that moment of name remembering as you rock yourself, you hear voices. Helloooo, we see you. You stop rocking and look to your left then your right. "hi?" Your name is Ella, your name is Bob, your name is Beatrice, your name is Mark, your name is............. Surely the voices you hear are real, right? You wouldnt hear something that isnt there, would you? Well that doesnt matter becuase you still dont remeber you name. But what if the voices know your name and will tell you? "Whats my name?" We know everythinggggg... You hear a voice behind you, you hear a voice on the other side of the room, you hear a voice to your left, and to your right, you hear a voice above you, and below you. So many voices.... Saying so many names... What do you do? All the voices will not go silent. All the voices are too loud. All the voices are around you. Saying names and tell you to kill.. Hah! You turn around laugh and bang your head on the wall and wait for someone to find you and take you out of the dark to eat icecream.
~ Gir Babez
Some advice: Your simply insane! :D

Oooo bloody marbles...


Haha is there really a way to tell a persons' sanity? .... Naaaw lol sanity is overrated. You kno if you are or not. Either you can look at marbles rollin down the street and wonder where they came from... or you can start chasin em "oooo! I lost me marbles!!". Then they hit a brick wall in the middle of the road and start bleeding out.
 ..................................... But you don't usually see that... unless you sneeze too hard

Tho... just in case you still think you wana take a test, find out if your sane or not or if your just bored or whatever, then heres a fun one to take...

By the way... that brick wall in the middle of the road... yeah if marbles can't get thru it neither can you. Drive safe!!! .....................or bleed like the slowly dying marbles in the middle of the road. Whatever

                                                                                MCL fam!


Hey wassup homies

I'm Freexay an ima down with tha clown ninjette fo life and Gir Babez is mah psychopathic wicked ass homie. 

We gona be runnin this shit and pretty much just keepin entertained cus believ it or not, messin around online is a lil more fun than sitin around waitin fo guds bored as fuck haha :-P

Whoop whoop
I'll see ya in later posts bitches