Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All The Voices

Have you ever been siting in the dark alone rocking back and forth, trying to remember your name? And in that moment of name remembering as you rock yourself, you hear voices. Helloooo, we see you. You stop rocking and look to your left then your right. "hi?" Your name is Ella, your name is Bob, your name is Beatrice, your name is Mark, your name is............. Surely the voices you hear are real, right? You wouldnt hear something that isnt there, would you? Well that doesnt matter becuase you still dont remeber you name. But what if the voices know your name and will tell you? "Whats my name?" We know everythinggggg... You hear a voice behind you, you hear a voice on the other side of the room, you hear a voice to your left, and to your right, you hear a voice above you, and below you. So many voices.... Saying so many names... What do you do? All the voices will not go silent. All the voices are too loud. All the voices are around you. Saying names and tell you to kill.. Hah! You turn around laugh and bang your head on the wall and wait for someone to find you and take you out of the dark to eat icecream.
~ Gir Babez
Some advice: Your simply insane! :D

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