Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Nickname!

Ello ninjas and ninjettes. Fags and preppy biatches. You all have known me as Gir Babez... Right? Yes. Well, now you can call me Chronic Frog. :) I love my new nickname, and I hope you do too. Very me huh?

~Chronic Frog
P.S. Im so drunk... :S

Chronic- High quality weed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Languages and their words

vete a la mierda - Fuck You
Matar a esa perra estúpida - Kill that stupid bitch
violación me duro y rápido - Rape me hard and fast
Te amo - I love you
Mi puercoespín ha sido robado - My porcupine has been stolen
Dame que bloquean - Give me that blunt
¿Tienes más cerveza? - Got any more beer
Necesito un abrazo - I need a hug
Whoop whoop - Whoop whoop

Devo fare la pipì - I have to pee
ufficiale Sono lapidato - Yes officer I am stoned
Run run cagna! - Run bitch run
Questo, signore, è una bottiglia di piscio - That, sir, is a bottle of piss
Posso avere il tuo cazzo - Can I have your cock
Posso avere la tua figa - Can I have your pussy
Dove sono i cookie dio maledetto - Where are the god damn cookiesWhoop whoop - Whoop whoop


Fuair ​​mé do torrach iníon. Tá sí gach mise bitches eile a fuck go bhfuil a fhios cad é rialú breithe. Insint di buíochas do gach duine an am spraoi cé. Pussy Fearr ith mé riamh. -  I got your daughter pregnant. She's all yours I have other bitches to fuck that know what birth control is. Tell her thanks for all the fun times though. Best pussy I ever ate.
Daid Tá mé ag iompar clainne. Mo buachaill agus mé ag dul chun bogadh isteach an Ard-Mhéara playaboy agus Bunny álainn sláintiúil ann sines a fhios agat conas fuath liom leanaí a ardú. Bunnys iad sin i bhfad níos fearr. Ach mar a fheiceann tú níos déanaí yera yeah! -    
Dad I'm pregnant. My boyfriend and I are going to move into the playaboy mansion and raise a beautiful healthy bunny there sinse you know how I hate babies. Bunnys are so much better. But like yeah see you later!

An bhfuil aon Sanitizer lámh - Have any hand sanitizer
mhúineadh dom conas a dougie - Teach me how to dougie
Ní bheidh mo vibrator stoptha - My vibrator won't shut off
Cé mhéad cnámha a cheapann tú an sos seo? - How many bones do you think this will break
Tá súil agam go mbainfidh tú bás bás mall pianmhar - I hope you die a slow painful death
Smell mo mhéar - Smell my finger
Whoop whoop - whoop whoop
Soooo....... I'm bored for now so no more translations. Peace fam.