Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entering and Blazing

So last weekend Babez... I'm stuck on her old name sorry lol

Babez an I got into a church.. How we got in is none of your concern ;)

So there we were sitting in church... Time to pull out the bud. mmmm

That had to be one of the most fun times I have had with Babez recently. lol breaking into a church and gettin high, ah... fun fun...

Now before you start hatin, it was a peace offering for god. We smoked it for the heavens.


eeeeven though we are most likely going to hell.

ah who am I trying to kid Babez an I both are Atheist. lol
We just wanted to get high and needed a warm place to go.

NO offence to religousy people out there.
we come in peace :* mmmwah!

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