Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes... shit just gets hard.

Like everything you do is wrong......
Cigarettes, Alcohol, Weed, Coke, Pills... sometimes it's not what you need.

Its the cut that you want. Watching the blood flow from your veins. All your pain seeping away......
Sometimes you want to cut deeper. End it. Slowly fade into a never-ending calmness.

So... We are babies for not being able to handle our shit and having to cut instead? There are better ways to feel better? Cutting/Self harm is bad!?

Well all you people that think that and judge. Fuck you. You don't know shit about it. Yeah you may want to help but you don't understand. I wudnt b alive prob without my knife. My razor blades. And I'm sure Gir Babez wud agree with me.

I don't care about my look. Babez doesn't either. We love our scars. They are memories, struggles, shit that we have somehow overcome, another day we lived past. So all you mother fucking piece of shits out there giving us shit we don't want. FUCK OFF...

Just because you don't understand doesn't mean you have to be hatin.

To all of you out there that do cut. We know how you feel...
Remember, we got ur back if u need.

Remember, we won't give you shit unless you feed us.


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