Saturday, September 17, 2011

God Is Not There....

I have been asking myself the same damn question almost my hole life..... Is God real? Finally came to my smarticals and relized no. God is not real. God is not there. I mean, wheres the proof? The bible? How do you know the bible is true? People who expeirenced it wrote the bible? Well ive lied befor. I bet you have too. But wheres the REAL proof? The proof hes watching you, the proof he cares.................. The proof hes acually there. You know that hurricane, that tornado, that earthquak, the volcanoes? Why would God do that and kill inocent people? You know those starving kids, the people getting raped, murded, beat, the people suffering, the people depressed, sick, mental, suicidal? Wheres God to help them? Everyone says he will help you. But he hasnt. People are dieing and suffering. People pray to him, believe in him, love him. And still no one gets help, and people are still suffering. You wanna know why? Its becuase he isnt real. He isnt there. He isnt watching over you. He cant keep you safe. When you pray he wont hear. You are truely alone sometimes. Then How did we get here right? Well science. Science cant make some1 with magical powers to live above us and make us. Science just cant do that. I mean, really how could it? But maybe somehow science made people. Not God to make people. But people, to make people. You know, there were dinosuars then cavemen. Where did the cavemen come from? Think about it.  Science  + dinosuars = Cavemen maybe. But how did the dinosours get there? Science posibly, I mean all the chemicals on Earth could have had a part in it.. No body knows. But some1 above us with powers and stuff? Really? Its worse then beleiving that theres a magical fat man with elfs and flyn deer. Its worse then beleiving theres a giant bunny that lays colorful eggs and gives you chocolate. Its worse then beleiving theres a fairy who takes your tooth from under your pillow and leaves you money thats bigger then them. If you dont agree with me... Give me the proof. Real proof.

~Gir Babez
P.S. Watch out for my turlte, he flew away. And I havnt fed him. If you see him comment.

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