Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ooh Yeah... ;)

So... I got bored. So I looked up some... Fetishes :) hahaha

Awesome right?

Emetophilia: Gettin Turned on with puke. Nastay ass fetish but hey you like what you like..
But I ain't chucking food fo ya.

Diaper Fetishism: Turnin yo heat up with some diapers ;) o yeah. Nothing sexier than a person in diapers... Don't be fuckin any babies now tho. Break em in half poor lil things.

Coprolalia: Haha ok I'm guilty of this one. Getting sexually aroused by using profanities. Though for me it's only when I'm in bed with someone hahaha yeah... i'm not gona get all horny if someone just says it randomly while hangin or sumtin xD not to worry

Blood Fetish: Another one of my Guilty pleasures xD hahaha Blood. Damn good aphrodisiac haha but again I wont attack you if you get a bloody nose at random. The sexual attraction to blood mmmm.

Robot Fetishism: Gettn horny with the technology... This one so reminds me of one of my best friends lol just make sure not to get any jizz in ur laptop and keep ur hardware clean ;)

Agalmatophilia: mannequins or statues that turn you on... blow up dolls would work better I would think but whatever

So umm... Squash Fetish: Really, really liking being squashed. See, the bad thing about this one is... if anyone over 130 pounds sat on me id probably break something lol Same with Gir. ha tho her limit is prob 120, 110 lbs hahaha 
LOONERS! : hahaha Getting turned on with balloons! It's awesome. I imagine it'd b pretty fuckin painful tho when one pops... Owey!
Necrophilia: Yummy. Getting Sexually aroused... by the dead. :) This one is one of my favorite fetishes. I'm pretty morbid but I don't think I'd be able go get turned on by a corpse though

CLOWN FETISH!!!: hehe Get you'r world rocked by a mad wicked juggalo clown. Have fun all u lettes and los and whoever tha fuck else with that clown fetish  getn that clown makeup smeared out on yo inner thighs. 
Whoop Whoop

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