Friday, March 16, 2012


Showers are amazing. They can be your place of peace and quiet freedom or a place of hot steamy something or others ;) or even a place of death.. you know.

I like to shower and I don't... I like being clean and being in water lol but there's just too much time you spend in the shower where you can think. I don't like thinking.

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the shower floor, letting the water rush over you or even in the bathtub then just start thinking. Losing yourself?

Lean back and and close your eyes. Where has the tie gone? What happened to playing with bubble bath and rubber ducks in the bathtub. Hiding underwater pretending to drown. Then more depressing thoughts.
Memories most likely, then future worries.

The world crashing down around you then next you find yourself drowning in not the water falling on you but the tears dripping down.

You want to grab a knife or your old blade and run it through your skin. You want to watch the blood pour out of you and down the drain like you use to. You want to scream. But you can't.

Showers... they unveil emotions which you would like to keep hidden.

Or... Maybe that's just me. 

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