Monday, February 20, 2012

Keep Goin'

Everyone has a hobbie or something that they can just do over and over no matter what.
Even if they don't know it.

Or something that they love to do but don't because they suck ass at it. lol
Don't do that.

If you love to do something don't give up at it just because you are horrible. I love love love guitar. I am not the best though. hahah but I try. Shit, I'll be playing long after my fingers start bleeding...  Well, maybe not, I don't want blood on my baby. xP

But have you ever noticed that? You have something you just love to do and you will keep doing it no matter how hard it gets or how sore you are or how much tie you have.?

It good feeling.

So moral of this story...

If you love doing something, do it. 

Juuuust... don't get caught if it's illegal. Remember good kids are the ones that don't get caught. ;)

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