Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am an indevidual. And so are you!

We are all the same god damn creature. And we all live on this planet. But we are all our own person. Why cant people STFU and quit with the bullshit? Im gunna be honest here. You gunna hate on me for smoking weed? Probably just becuase its illegal right. Well if being an individual means braking the law, thats exactly what im gunna do. And just becuase I wear alot of black and dress a lil different then you that doesnt make me a santinist. But if being called a santinist and shit makes me an indevidual, then go ahead label me bitch! Oh and you dont like my music, so your gunna make rumars and say what you call "facts" without proof huh? Im a gang member. Im in a cult. Juggalos are bad. You dont know what you are talking about! But thats your opinion. If me being a "gang member" means being an indevidual, then I AM A GANG MEMBER. I have a different religous veiw than you, so that makes me evil, a discrace, and whatever else, exactly right huh? Cuz I dont think god is real. But if you wanna call me evil and a discrace go ahead, becuase my beliefs make me differnt and being differnt makes me an idevidual. And if your gunna call me shit cuz I dont give a fuck about your opinion on me, then call me anything and everything you can think of. Do it! I am an INDEVIDUAL.

~Chronic Frog
P.S. fuck off. i am me and you are you.

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