Saturday, October 1, 2011


Grrr bad icky fucking grrr :p

So Everyone has a goal of some sort. Well Gir and I have a goal we share. We are trying to quit cigarettes lol and so far... It has its foot so far up my ass it ain't even funny. Babez is doin pretty good though.

Another one for me... Skateboarding! Agh! It's so hard I think the board hates me and it's pissing me off soooooo bad!!! any Skating tips?? lol I could use em that' fo sho

Guitar's doin pretty good though. Yay for speedy fingers!!! haha

Another goal... save up money. FAIL. hahaha Saving up money is workin as well as cleaning my room is. :p

To live to 22 is a good age. Just gota live till then.

Gir and I both have a strong goal to stay outa jail and away from cops. Sometimes I will wake up no shit scared as fuck cus i hada nightmare bout cops. ughggg haha

Making money is another one for Gir, survive.

why does it haveta be so fucking hot...

Damn skateboards...

You guys got any goals???

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