Friday, August 26, 2011

Teachers Fail....

Ok so I have ALWAYS thought teachers have failed at punishing kids. I mean, Lunch Detention : Less talking more food, good right? Yes no hunger, DUH. In School Suspention : A day free from all the retards and teachers, when I got in school suspention I sat and drew a bunch of pictures and worked on Art, nothing else. Out Of School Suspention : Well......, NO SCHOOL!!! whats better then a day of no school? Nothing bitch! (i love summer btw) Saterday School : Ok so it sucks that you havta get up early but just think of it, its not a full day of school and  you get help on homework so no stressing confusing rest of the weekend. After School Detention : Well you gotta go home and do homework anyways so might as well stay at school and do it and get help then go home and be free... Spend Recess On wall : this is oviosly for the kids who do have recess, after like 4th grade it isnt that bad at all. Its like after 4th grade you out grow all the little playground things and you usually just hang out or your too cold to move. So thats another fail on teachers part. Loose Points In Class : Well not like you even try to do good anyways. (i am guessing that ur not a goody if u readying this)
~Gir Babez
"I cant think of any more but there probly are more, i bet they are fails too"
Advice: Grades dont matter you lil fuckers. You gunna die at some point. You dont need wonderful grades  to be succeful.

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